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Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd
SANCTUARY HEALTH SDN.BHD was incorporated in 2002. It is strategically located in the heart of natural rubber latex supply, i.e. Malaysia, which is not only one of the world�s leading producer of natural rubber latex, but also one of the top producers of rubber latex based products such as examination gloves, swimming cap and rubber parts automobile. As such, we enjoy both the competitive and comparative advantages, allowing us to be competitive and at the same time, producing the best quality products.

Sanctuary Health is a fully integrated manufacturing company specializing in latex sheets and latex dipped tubing adopting proprietary technologies for the superior quality and product consistency.

There are wide applications in latex sheet and latex tubing.

Our Environmental Message
We are proud that products manufactured by Sanctuary Health are high in quality and are manufactured in accordance to our Green initiatives. With this strong emphasis by the Sanctuary Health management and its board of Directors, customers and partners can be assured that products made from our Company will leave minimal impact to mother Earth. Our commitment to a greener environment has not had its setbacks. While market remains competitive, we are glad that our partners/customers have been supportive of our initiatives in both quality and environment management and have continued to give us the support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued environmental friendly customers/partners and let us all make this world a Greener place.

We emphasize the Green concept in our organization via various initiatives.
Our Green initiatives incorporate sustainability of resources, clean energy and a responsible management of waste.
Sustainability of Resources
Sanctuary Health purchases its main material, the Natural Rubber Latex from reputable Latex Concentrate factories only. Our supplier only source their field latex from well managed plantations to ensure sustainability and the careful cultivation of the environment.
Picture of latex plantation
Clean Emission
Sanctuary Health uses, 95% of its energy requirements from the Liquefied Petroleum Gas. As the LPG is an efficient energy source, carbon emission is almost zero.
Picture of latex plantation
Responsible Management of Waste
Waste from production are divided into 2 portions. Mainly recyclable and non recyclable.

Recyclable waste such as latex scrap and paper are sold for recycling purposes.
Waste latex is treated in our state of the art waste water treatment facility. All discharges comply to the Malaysian Environmental Health standards.
Picture of the waste collection bin   Picture of waste treatment system
Our Goal
We believe in total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve an overall customer satisfaction though the commitment of each department in the organization.
Our Mission
To promote the benefits of natural latex products. Natural latex products are fully bio-degradable and and thus extremely eco-friendly. Also, the tensile strength and physical properties for natural latex are unmatched by any synthetic material.
Our Vision
To be a recognized manufacturer of quality latex products globally.
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